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Excel 365 New Features



Excel 365 New Features

Learn the new features found in Excel 365. Our exclusive class is not taught anywhere else and was developed by a Certified Microsoft Trainer with 35 years of Excel experience. The only class with up to 15 interactive hands-on practice labs in class, plus homework to practice after class!


Excel 365 New Features

Topics Include:

  • Xlookup
    • Why Xlookup is better than Vlookup or Index and Match
    • When Vlookup or Index and Match is better than Xlookup
    • Xlookup to the right
    • Xlookup to the left
    • Xlookup last item
    • Xlookup across worksheets
    • Xlookup to return a contiguous array
    • Xlookup with two criteria
    • Xlookup an Xlookup to find an intersection in a PivotTable
  • Spill
    • The feature and the error
    • The Unique function
    • The Sort function
    • The Transpose function
  • Filter function
    • Include 1 criteria
      • text
    • Include 2 criteria
      • dates
    • Filter and Sort functions
    • Filter twice to display non-adjacent arrays
  • Ifs function
    • Why it is easier than nested If functions
  • Switch function versus Ifs function
  • Sheet View
  • Workbook Statistics